InterFaith Weddings


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Did you know . . .

. . . that you are not confined to using a Justice-of-the-Peace if you are of two different faiths or are non-denominational? If you desire to create a wedding ceremony as a personal expression of your lives and your special commitment to one another, then an InterFaith Minister is an appropriate choice.

. . . that, to be legally married, there are only 3 elements required by law? These are The Consent (AKA The Affirmation of the Intent), The Pronouncement, and The License Signing. All the rest is "filler". This "filler" is YOURS to express verbally or ritually your love for and commitment to each other, and serves as a vehicle in which you may acknowledge family members and guests who influenced your lives.

. . . that there are many beautiful and meaningful rituals to choose from or create which can express who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple? They are especially useful if you prefer not to say much or tend to be shy or nervous when you are the focal point in situations.

. . . that your ceremony formation process can be creatively guided and constructed in detail by your Officiant?

. . . that the purchasing of your Marriage License must be within an appropriate window of time to your actual wedding date? In New York State, licenses are valid for 60 days from the day following their purchase, and will not be valid if purchased within 24 hours prior to your ceremony time.

. . . that all details regarding marriage laws are available in your Public Library? Ask your librarian to direct you to "New York State Domestic Relations Law, Section 11".

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