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No one lives outside the walls of this sacred place, existence.

- Saint Clare of Assisi


Apparel and Vestments for Clergy & Their Worship Houses


Natural and/or Raw Fabrics & Fibers

Hand-Woven or Sewn

Sustainably Farmed - Fairly Traded - Organically Grown

LIVE SILK (see below)


Up-Cycled: Blesséd Cloth for Blesséd Garments (see below)


Up-Cycled: Sweaters Again (see below)


'LIVE SILK' is the name I chose for the creations I make from the already patented 'AHIMSA' or 'PEACE' silk fabrics and fibers, simply because the silkworms were allowed to stay a-LIVE. Vegans and vegetarians may especially appreciate this.

A natural "full lifecycle" for a silkworm includes its emergence from its cocoon and freedom to lay its eggs. In conventional silk production, the cocoon is immersed into vats of boiling water before the worm reaches its emergence time, thus preserving the continuous unbroken fiber but killing the worm.

In the 1990s, a new process was discovered by one of India's top engineers in response to a request by the President's wife: "In accordance with the principles of ahimsa* which we hold dear, can you find a method to produce silk that does not kill the silkworm?" Two years later, 'AHIMSA SILK' appeared and since then has grown into what is now known as a "sustainable industry", benefitting villages in need of economic recovery.

*'Ahimsa' is the Sanskrit word for non-violence or non-killing, made famous in the 1900s by Mahatma Gandhi during India's petition for freedom from foreign rule. Ahimsa is one of the five ethical disciplines (Yama) of Hindu's Eight Limbs of Yoga. For a more enlightening and encompassing description of Yama, Ahimsa, and the Eight Limbs, see B.K.S. Iyengar's book "Light on Yoga".

CARE:Unless otherwise noted, LIVE SILK creations are washable in cool or lukewarm water and dryable on low heat. Recommendations: Gentle cycle; iron while slightly damp on wrong side of fabric.

COMMISSIONS: It may be 3 to 6 weeks for an order to arrive on your doorstep. Because I myself do not produce the silk, I rely on a supplier who in turn orders from foreign and sometimes remote sources. Each sacred piece receives my care, focus, and loving attention.

With Love from Lakshmi & Live Silk *

* Label Reference: "With Love from Lakshmi & Live Silk". The name 'Lakshmi' was given to me by a Hindu Swami; I treasure this gift. In this spirit, I hope to pass on Lakshmi's blessings via these creations.


The cloth used for these creations comes from a Hindu community Temple. In the Hindu pantheon, each deity is associated with different aspects of life, including a specific color, texture of cloth, a day of the week, metals, planets, and so on. Thus, several different kinds of offerings may be given to a god or goddess by Temple devotees.

One type of offering is cloth, its color chosen according to the deity special either to the person or to the day. So much of it arrives that it is generally discarded, mainly because the Priests feel it is not their right to use something that was given to the deities. However, these offerings are freely given to those who can use them.

I felt that, instead of being discarded, these fabrics could be recycled into items of beauty and value, and be made available at an affordable price. Since these fabrics are of many different weights, textures, and compositions, each creation is unique. They include 100% cotton, blends of cotton with other natural fibers such as rayon or linen or with synthetics, or 100% synthetic. I cannot label with any guarantee which composition makes up any particular fabric. However, each fabric is pre-washed in warm water of a washing machine and run through low heat in the dryer to test its durability and to complete any shrinkage process. I consistently find that there is not much to worry about since these are very modern user-friendly fabrics. So, other than using your dry cleaner, you may gently wash your piece, preferably lay flat to dry, and iron with care as needed.

From the moment an item is gathered or purchased by a devotee with the intent to use it as an offering, it is treated as a sacred object. It is with this love and devotion that it is handled and given, and with faith it is known to be accepted. During my Temple caretaking, I gather these blessed textiles with the intention of handling them with as much respect and gratitude as their original devotees.

I hope that the piece of your choice serves you well. May your strong faith continue to imbue your sacred piece with Divine expression; may you both inspire others with Blesséd Grace.

With Love from Lakshmi *

* Label reference: "With Love from Lakshmi". The name 'Lakshmi' was given to me by a Hindu Swami; I treasure this gift. In this spirit, I hope to pass on Lakshmi's blessings via these creations.


Give your wardrobe a new look with a cozy warm "crazy quilt" sweater or jacket made from those clothing pieces which already had a long life. these are quilts you can wear. Back in olden days, nothing was wasted, even fabric scraps and pieces made from clothing made unwearable from age, tear, and wear; these pieces were arranged into blankets and quilts. "Crazy quilts" were truly the expression of scraps made usable.

Choose from those I have made, or contact me when you have done a closet-cleaning and find enough sweaters to send on to me.

Such love does the sky now pour, that whenever I stand in a field,

I have to wring out the light when I get home.

- Saint Francis of Assisi