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Wan Shu Ryu Ling ~ May everything go as you wish

HH Professor Thomas Lin Yun Rinpoche

Grand Master Black Sect Buddhist Feng Shui


We are all healers. Yes, that means you are too.

Feng Shui may have a connotation of superstition surrounding it, but I am offering that this is a very practical science and actually agrees with every other cultural and psychological thinking throughout the globe that advises organized, aesthetically beautiful, and personalized usage of one’s space.

This kind of philosophy implies it is a healing art. For example, when a psychiatrist is confronted by a patient having an anxiety or depressive episode, especially if it is an emergency call on the telephone, one of the first things asked is “where are you right now?” Then, usually one of the first things advised is “change the environment – go outside – take a walk – suspend your activity.”

In the same way, we sometimes feel that we need to “change everything” or “change something”. Anybody ever get into one of those frenzies where in one afternoon, the entire furniture arrangement MUST be changed? This can actually be seen as a wish to change our perspective about something.

For right now, the most important thing any Feng Shui or interior decorator or landscape decorator could advise anyone is to Clear Clutter! Clutter is . . . (HOLD UP SIGN). This is more important than anything else, complete with all possible psychological meaning and results, and when it comes to business, health, or personal happiness, it’s huge. It is the first door / gate.

After the clutter, we can think of Feng Shui as simply sensible and meaningful decorating. It is actually the very FIRST of the healing arts in the orient. Its methodology became the basis for all of the Eastern medical and philosophical arts, and I’m going to repeat, is basically the same as good sensible decorating and psychology of any other culture, including the West. Those who are interested often delve deeper into the system where there lies much profound wisdom for lifestyle and outlook.

CLUTTER - A tip:

While you are clearing, take note of any areas where you feel a particularly profound relief, and any areas where it is suddenly difficult to make decisions, or to feel organized, where the process becomes challenging. Perhaps it is a habitual place of “landing” from entering the house or room, or where items end up living in a perpetual “later” syndrome.