InterFaith Weddings


SevaFriend Wedding Ministry

To those in whom love dwells, all the world is one family

- Hindu

Stacy and Chris

Reverend Leslie was our dream come true! Since we are an Interfaith couple, we looked all over trying to find just the right minister to marry us. After months and months of meeting with people, we never thought we would find someone who would really help to personalize our wedding just as we dreamed of. Then came Reverend Leslie. She gave us so many great ideas, had the best oration, and kept us sane along the way. She was the calm, patient person we needed to help us design the perfect ceremony. Whereas at most weddings you hear "What a great party", or "Food was great", or "Reception hall looked beautiful", what we heard from EVERY guest was . . . "What an incredible ceremony", "That ceremony touched my heart like no ceremony I've ever been to", "I could see and feel your love so strong". It made married couples tell us how tight they held their loved ones and single people just want to find their soul mate. Thank you so much Leslie for making it happen JUST the way we always dreamed of.

Diane and Paul on the Huntington Harbor LightHouse

Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding so beautiful. Without all of your help and guidance we would never have had such a wonderful day. Thank you so so much for your lovely presence!


Paul and Diane

Diane and Ravi

We want to thank you so much for presiding over our ceremony. Many of the guests told us afterward that they found the ceremony to be moving and inspiring. Everything really fell into place - we're so glad that we found you. You took our vague ideas of what we wanted our ceremony to be and turned them into an actuality that exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!

Diane and Ravi engaged 3 lovely traditional Hindu rituals to seal their union - lighting the Deepak (sacred oil lamp), walking Saptapadi (7 circumambulations symbolizing 7 values), and the exchange of garlands to Affirm the Intent.

Kelly and Andréa

Rev. Leslie is wonderful!!! She is very kind, comforting, fun, open to trying new things, and detail-oriented. She worked with us on a draft of our ceremony for 2 months (I think there were 10 drafts in the end!) She also coordinated with the florists and musicians and made sure that our day was perfect. Her presence was warm and friendly but never overbearing. She made sure the ceremony was focused on us, our special readers, and rituals. She said many beautiful words and was great with the children. Everyone who attended our wedding said it was the most personal and moving ceremony they had ever seen.

Cheryl and Archie and Summer

We can't thank you enough for all you've done for us over the past year. Your patience, understanding, and compassion made our engagement a very special time. We are constantly praising your name to all our family and friends who ask about the wedding. Here we were thinking that the reception would be the best part of the day, but thanks to you, it turned out that our ceremony became our favorite part of our wedding day.

You are extraordinary at your job and compassionate in life; we were truly blessed to have you as our Reverend. Thank you for everything; your kindness will never be forgotten.

All Our Love Always,

Cheryl, Allen, and Summer

Peggy and Brian

Thank you so much for marrying us, and especially for making the trip to Tannersville. We feel so fortunate to have been under your guidance for such an important life-changing event, as you have helped us create a most perfect wedding ceremony. We look back at our pictures from our wedding day with huge smiles!

Let it not be said that the ceremony cannot have its share of fun!

Whoever prays for others also sees his or her own dreams fulfilled.

- Talmud