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They can be like a sun, words.

They do for the heart what light does for a field.

- St John of the Cross

Welcome to Cascade Of Light InterFaith Weddings

Your ceremony wishes and goals are of the utmost importance to me. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you and ultimately deliver to you and your loved ones a ceremony that fulfills your dreams.

  • weddings
  • vow renewals
  • second marriages
  • religious, spiritual, traditional, non-denominational, interfaith
  • ecologically-conscious, see Be A Friend of the Earth
  • charitable, see SevaFriend Wedding Ministry
  • composition of ceremony text
  • ongoing dialogue and text editing in consideration of celebrants' needs and wishes
  • guidance in choreography
  • insight regarding extended family recognition
  • calmness


In these modern days, there are many couples who share and cherish common values within their different backgrounds, whether ethnic, religious, or simply of positive outlook and philosophies. Whether a couple is of same or different heritage, it is upon their loving values that an InterFaith Minister establishes their ceremony. I am a Minister who will help guide you through the ceremony creation process during the weeks or months prior to your special moment, and will write and choreograph your ceremony according to your needs.


We are ordained clergy who honor and respect all paths and practices that enhance Divine connection and realization. We usually follow our own chosen religious path through which we channel our devotions. However, primary in our philosophy is recognizing the importance of living peaceably and helpfully with one another on this Earth. Therefore, many InterFaith Ministers find their work and devotions directed to social concerns. In 2012, I began my SevaFriend Ministry on behalf of environmental, animal, and conservation issues.


I have found that InterFaith and non-religious couples are exquisitely sensitive to their congregants, wishing to be inclusive of all their guests, tactful to extended family members especially if differing in religious convictions, and above all want to extend their feelings of joy and gratitude to all. Their desire to create unique loving memories for their families and guests is as great as any other celebrant couple planning a traditional wedding ceremony. Interestingly, an InterFaith ceremony often becomes an enormously healing experience for family and friends.


Often, the greatest confusion a couple experiences when planning their event is what to do about the ceremony text and choreography. If you are experiencing this, we should talk about how I can write the text and choreograph the flow of the ceremony elements to meet your vision. During our first meeting, we talk about your needs and wishes. As the weeks progress, we sculpt a ceremony that you are not only comfortable with but are in love with. An added benefit: by the time you arrive at the altar, your familiarity with the ceremony will allow your mind and heart to truly savor your precious moments instead of being lost in nerves, worry, or excitement. Your beloved ceremony will have the freedom to become an everlasting precious memory in your much more relaxed and aware mind.

Our Beloved said:

I am made whole by your life. Each soul, each soul completes me.

~ Hafiz, Persian mystic