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SevaFriend Wedding Ministry

Simplicity, patience, and compassion

- essence of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Minister, Chaplain, and Marriage

Officiant Registered by the City of New York

After two years of rigorous study and practice at OneSpirit InterFaith Seminary, Manhattan, I was ordained an InterFaith Minister in June, 2003. During the previous 26 years in the healing arts professions of Massage Therapy, Amma Therapy, and wholistic/natural health, while also serving as an educator in same, I felt led to delve deeper into the realm of the spiritual, which called me to make one of the best decisions I ever made, to immerse myself in the community of Ministry. During my second year in Seminary, I focused greatly on ceremonial practice, then began to write and officiate ceremonies professionally soon after graduation.

In September 2012, I graduated from Clinical Pastoral Education as a Chaplain and am looking forward to more years in the field. My internships were placed in North Shore-Long Island Jewish of Manhasset, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital of Port Jefferson, and South Nassau Communities Hospital of Oceanside.

I live in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. My ceremony travels have taken me to Connecticut, the Catskills, the Huntington Harbor Lighthouse, botanical gardens and arboretums, a Buddhist monastery, historical landmark chapels, beaches, backyards, and many other interesting and beautiful Tri-State locations. Always a pleasure.

Inner Arbor Healing Arts Ministry

After licensure in Massage Therapy and Certification in Amma Therapy, my continuing interest in natural and whole healing arts led me to learn more traditions such as Hawaiian LomiLomi, CranioSacral Therapy, and adjunctive therapies such as Feng Shui and Bach Flower Remedies.

My private practice in Inner Arbor Healing Arts continues especially on behalf of women's wellness, as well as the often neglected geriatric and nursing populations. For more details, please see page Inner Arbor Healing Arts.

I also work in team with my colleagues at Compassionate Care Massage Therapy where we provide care for Special Needs individuals. We may be reached on behalf of your loved one via the following website:

A springlike autumn's balmy breeze reaches afar,

the sun shines on the house of a recluse

south of the river;

they encourage the December apricots

to burst first into bloom:

a simplehearted person

faces the simplehearted flowers.

- Sun Bu-Er, Taoist Immortal Sister